The Power of Circle

Discover the 3 Secrets to Confidently Facilitate a

Transformational Circle Experience that Women Love


(even if you're a total introvert, terrified of being seen and heard, and have no clue what the heck you're doing)

Can't make it live? No problem. We'll send a replay link after the live event.

Thursday, April 4, 2019   @   11 am Pacific | 2 pm Eastern


In this Masterclass, you'll learn:

  • The 3 Keys to Successful Circles

    You'll discover the 3 secret ingredients for creating a powerful and transformational women's circle...whether it's your first circle or your hundredth.

  • How to Access Your Confidence so You Can Stop Playing Small

    We'll uncover the 3 fears (core beliefs) that keep most women playing small when it comes to feminine leadership—and how you can overcome them.​​

  • The #1 Circle Facilitation Mistake

    You will learn the number one mistake most circle leaders make when they are first starting out—and what you can do to avoid it.

The world is waiting for you to step up.


Do you desire deep, authentic, meaningful, and inspirational connections with real women you can relate to?


Do you have a strong desire to show up as the confident, empowered, feminine leader you know is within?


Do you want to encourage and empower other women to be their best and live their best life?


Yes. Yes. Yes! I hear you, soul sister.


I also know it can be scary to put yourself out there, especially if you've never even thought about facilitating your own women's circle.


If any of this resonates with you, then this live event is for YOU.


Trust your intuition on this one. You were guided here for a reason.

This Masterclass is a

Must-Attend if...

  • You know deep down you are a leader and you know in your heart it's time for you to step up.


  • You struggle with confidence and self-worth issues that make you doubt yourself and your potential...and you are ready to let it all go so you can shine your light and be of service to the world.


  • You feel in your heart the magic of sacred circles and you want to dive deeper into the mystery and learn more about the power of circle.

"This gave me the tips and tools I needed to pursue my dreams, and Shalvah is such an inspiration! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to connect with their true self or is wanting to expand their feminine leadership capacity."

Helene Sandi



"Shalvah is a gifted and wise teacher and facilitator who creates a sacred and magical space for you to explore and call forth your deepest truths and most cherished desires.

Shalvah’s course is infused with the energy of love, laughter, and empowerment, instilling confidence that you can live the life of your dreams now!"

Kathleen Torres


An Invitation From Your Host, Shalvah Orah:


As a lover of all things sacred, I've been facilitating circles, ceremonies, and rituals—both online and offline—for over 15 years.


Through facilitating countless women's circles over the last two decades, I've learned (the hard way) what works and doesn't work when it comes to feminine leadership.


Now I'm taking all the wisdom, lessons, and experience I've learned over the years and passing the torch to women who are ready to build their confidence and step into feminine leadership by learning how to lead women's circles in their own communities. (Sound like you?)


My mission is to inspire you, motivate you, build your leadership confidence, and help you avoid some of the feminine leadership mistakes and pitfalls I went through when I was in your shoes. 


If you know deep down you are a leader and you are ready for your next step, then I invite you to join me for this free event.


If you're reading this, it's not coincidence. This is meant for you.


Reserve your seat below. It could be the first step on a brand new journey.


See you there,

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